Tornadoes in Iowa

Saturday, March 5, 2022, a large, severe storm front moved across Iowa resulting in tornados in the late afternoon. Many communities have been impacted and sadly these storms resulted in seven deaths.

The communities impacted are in the assessment process and got heavy snow following the tornados.

There are many ways you can help today:

  • PRAY for those affected, those in shelter, those responding.  
  • DONATE a financial gift to Iowa Disaster Response, Special Advance #223 or write check to First Church and note “Special Advance #223” in the memo line or donate online at
  • REACH OUT to someone you know who was affected by the storm and call, send a note or text them. Knowing that others care and are praying makes a HUGE difference. It’s the best of who we are as a connectional church.
  • MAKE CLEAN-UP BUCKETS and HYGIENE KITS. We have already delivered several thousand across Iowa and have plans to deliver more.  Bring completed clean-up buckets to Annual Conference, we will have one of our Disaster Response Trailers next to the Midwest Missions trailer in the north parking lot. Go to for how to make Clean-up Buckets and Hygiene Kits.