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Many of you have already experienced the joy of retirement and others of you have it yet to look forward to. I want to share with you that now it is my turn.

As I reflect back over my work career, I think about the many and varied jobs I have had.

  • Grocery store check-out clerk
  • Seller of donuts
  • Staff resident in a college dormitory
  • Teacher
  • Missionary
  • State Education consultant
  • Business owner
  • Church staff member

Each of these jobs has had their joys and challenges but I want to say that I can’t think of a better way to end my professional career than to have had the privilege of working with the pastors and members of First Church.

Thanks goes to Kevin LaGree who hired me (with perhaps a little encouragement from David Stout) and from whom I learned so much about the practice of prayer. Thanks to Eric Guy who allowed me to try new things and would just roll his eyes when I would say “I have an idea” and then would say “go ahead.” And finally, thanks goes to Edgar Solís who has opened my eyes and my heart to what the church can be if we will only be bold enough to catch God’s vision for the future.

I have so enjoyed the times we have spent together in worship, studies, potlucks, mission trips, decorating the church for Christmas and Easter, meetings, food preparation for Trinity, and many other activities. I have been privileged to:

  • Participate in weddings
  • Conduct funerals
  • Participate in worship
  • Visit you at home or in the hospital
  • Watch your children grow
  • Learn from you

Each of you has enriched my life in a special way and I thank you for that. I believe that with Pastor Edgar’s leadership the future looks bright. I am excited to see what it holds for me and for First Church. May God continue to bless each and every one of you.

Christine Anders