On Sunday, August 8th between 1:00-4:00 PM, the Anti-Racism Task Force will be offering the opportunity to attend “The Bias Inside Us” at the Science Center of Iowa (SCI).

Through compelling images, hands-on interactives and powerful testimonials and videos, The Bias Inside Us unpacks and demystifies the concept of bias.

Visitors will explore the foundational blocks of bias, the psychology of how it forms and how it influences behaviors both consciously and unconsciously. Interactive elements display how implicit and explicit bias show up in the world and how bias influences systems and policies that have consequences for many people and communities.

This exhibit comes to Des Moines from the Smithsonian.

Tickets are $11 ($10 for 65+)

You may order and pay for your tickets after worship today and next Sunday.

Those attending are invited to stay after worship on the 8th and join us for pizza. We will then go to the SCI at about 1:00 PM.

Children and Race

Parents are you looking for ways to talk with your children about race and bias? If so, the Science Center of Iowa (SCI) is offering a virtual seminar entitled “Talking with Children about Bias and Race.” This seminar will be conducted on July 29th from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. If you attend, you will also receive a free ticket to the Smithsonian exhibit “The Bias Inside Us” currently at the SCI.

Here is what the SCI website says about the seminar:

All kids need a strong individual and group identity, but racism hurts the healthy development of both. Racism hurts our entire society. Whether you and the children in your care are directly affected by racism or you’re allies of those who are, engaging honestly and directly with little ones is the beginning of building racial literacy (the skills needed to talk thoughtfully about race and to identify and respond to racism).

The training is led by Sesame Street in Communities in partnership with the Iowa Alliance for Healthy Children and SCI.

The seminar is free but you must pre-register. The link to register is found on the SCI website at the bottom of the page describing the bias exhibit.