Check out the flowers in our planters. 

Funds are needed to cover the cost which is $100 per planter for the summer and fall.  You can donate online at or you may send a check with “planter” in the memo line.

You may also share the cost with a friend. 

Additional Help Needed

Each year the planters add color and life to our beautiful building. They are now planted for the summer season. As you know when you have live flowers, they must be watered. If you would be willing to commit to come to the church 1 day a week to water, it would be greatly appreciated. It takes approximately 30 minutes. You would only need to water the planters on the south side of the church. Christine waters those by the parking lot.

We will soon be establishing a watering schedule so if you can help, please email ( or call Christine (515-244-6209) by the 28th. Thank you!