Prayer Walk


Scripture for the Day – Listening for God’s voice

Monday: Genesis 13:14-17

Tuesday: Psalm 48:12-14

Wednesday: Deuteronomy 15:7-8

Thursday: Isaiah 61:1-4

Friday: Proverbs 11:9-11

Saturday: 2 Chronicles 7:14-18


Prayer of the Week

“Loving God, open our eyes so we can see our community’s needs. Help us be sensitive to others’ suffering. May we be your agents of change in a world that more than ever needs your love and compassion. Amen.”


Prayer Practice

As you pray, take a walk through your neighborhood. You may walk alone or with a friend. (If that isn’t possible, look out your window.) This allows you to observe and discern what is happening in your community and helps us find ways to respond to our neighbor’s needs. Prayer walking will encourage God’s Kingdom to come and we will see our city transformed with the power, goodness, and mercy of God.

Be sure to write your reflection and insights.