You may remember hearing about Malcom, a two year old who was shot in the head during a drive by shooting earlier this spring. Malcom and his family are members of Capitol Heights Lutheran Church. As you can imagine, in addition to the trauma faced by the family, they are facing large medical bills, bills to repair the home, get a security system, etc.

Our last report from his pastor is that he is finally awake and talking again. He recently had surgery to replace the bone missing from his cranium. He is still paralyzed on the entire right side. We have been praying for Malcom every day during our online prayer times. We ask you to pray for him and his family. In addition, a fund has been established at his church. During this month, we are going to be collecting funds that can be forwarded to their church to help with medical bills.

Malcom’s life will be forever changed because of this senseless violence. If you would like to help this this family, you may (1) send a check to First Church with Malcom in the memo line, (2) donate at the church website, or (3) if you attend worship place your gift in the special offering plate in the narthex.

Thanks for helping this family during what is for them a very traumatic time.